The power of split camming

It is always better to work smarter instead of harder this is especially true when you are self-employed. Ever wonder how some of the top money-making cam models get to the level of income achieved? Some of them get lucky with one site build up a large clientele and make all their monies from one site — the majority of cam models broadcast on multiple sites with the use of split camming software.

When camming began, there were few sites with substantial traffic now there are many cam sites. The more choices that men have, the less likely one sex camming site will produce the income necessary for a model to achieve their goals.

As the number of sites increased across the Internet models began to look for solutions to the drop in traffic

One of the ways of increased revenue was to diversify across sites. Most models work eight to twelve hours a day and many work all week. The hours online make it impossible to log into numerous sites to give the attention to each one individually. To overcome this handicap of time, availability models began to utilize software called split camming.

Split camming software takes the stream from one camera and allows the user to stream to multiple locations

This software is utilized on camming sites, Skype, and other chat-based sites. Most of these types of software are not free, but the cost is generally minor. At the “Xlove splitter” can be a good opportunity. Split camming software allows the user to have less equipment cost but diversify their feeds. Some models can run up to eight sites or more at the same time with the use of the software. Running numerous sites means when you are doing a show on one camming site, you can make tips on another. For tipping sites such as , this can make a significant difference in daily income.

There are some downsides to split camming such as camming site rules, dialog interaction, and getting multiple private shows at the same time

Many sites allow or even encourage their models to utilize split camming. Tipping sites understand that models who are getting significant traffic will stay on for more extended periods. Most tipping sites allow for nudity and sex shows in the free portions. Some camming sites are still private show based in that they do not allow nudity in the open free chat portions of the sites. Make sure you email support and get current clear rules on what they allow. Any response you receive from the site keep for your records just in case you have issues later on.

Another drawback that can occur with split camming is keeping up with the dialog on each of the sites

Most models talk above the room. Speaking above the rolling chat in the room means they create a conversation and answer in a manner that can be interpreted by multiple users. Camming models will often have a few users who frequent their room, and these people will often keep chat rolling. When using split camming, it takes practice to make sure all cam sites receive equal attention.

The other potential drawback that happens is when two private shows come through at the same time

If the private sex cam shows are similar in what is requested, they can be blended. However, if you have a guy that is wanting a pantie tease and another guy that wants to be feminized, that can create tension. You do not want to ruin both clients because you try and maintain something distinctly different. What a lot of models will do is take only one private at a time. You may lose out on the other private, but you protect your business.

Another trick that models learn is to utilize voice chat over typing. Guys like to make models type to them for several reasons including: the feel of specialized attention, they have their volume off, or they do not have high-quality Internet. Typing takes time, and it draws attention away from the other patrons of the site. By limiting the amount of typing, a model does they can spread the attention out across the rooms.

Splitting software saves money on hardware in that you do not need multiple computers or cameras.

If you are going to run up to four sites, you can hook TV to your computer or laptop and split the windows. If you are going to run more than four, you may want to get a VGA Monitor “Y” slitter cord. This simple piece of wiring allows you to hook up two monitors/televisions then split your feeds into different windows. These cords generally cost under $20 but can help you create multiple revenue streams.

Several companies make produce splitting software; the most popular one is This software has been around for several years and used by thousands of cam models. The software began as practical, but over the years, the designers engineered numerous features. For someone who is intrigued by technology, these features can add a bit of flair to shows.

Manycam splitter

Manycams has several packages designed for different uses. It can be purchased yearly or purchased with lifetime access. If you have one computer that you are going to use for your camming, it will cost you $30 per year, or for a lifetime license, the price is $50. For two computers or devices, the cost is $60 per year or lifetime of $120. For most cam models starting daily pay is around $60 to $200 a day. This type of software can increase that pay exponentially at the cost of basically one day.

Many different companies produce split cam software. The choice of which one to purchase can be dependent on several personal factors. Manycams is a favorite in the industry and was used to illustrate the small price of investment for the potential reward. You are building your own business; it is essential to invest in yourself. The choice of where to place that investment can be overwhelming. You are utilizing your investment to the small price point with more substantial reward potential. After you have established a loyal clientele, then you can work towards larger items.


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