sexy selfies

How to make sexy selfies?

You have a dream body, and you want to share it in pictures with other people. No need to go to a photographer to reveal your nudity, trust your camera lens. You can do it by yourself, but only if you respect the following steps.

Number 1. Bring out your sensuality and charm

You need to relax and unwind completely. If you don’t like makeup at all or you put very little on your face, now is the time more than ever to do it abundantly in order to show all the grandeur of your beauty. For your eyes, use black eyeliner and matching lipstick to make your face more radiant. Then, make your hair bushy like a woman who wakes up in the morning after spending a hot night with her lover. Also, people hate pictures with hair all over their bodies. It seriously disgusts them. So don’t be shy about shaving from face to toe.

Number 2: Choose the right outfit

The goal of these posing sessions is not to look vulgar in the photos by showing off the size of your clitoris or the depth of your vagina. The goal is rather to arouse envy in those who will see your images as those of celebrities found on the covers of playboy magazines, boudoirs, or pinups. To do this, all you have to do is put on light clothes like sexy underwear. You can go with the ones you are used to wearing already. For the top, the ideal bra is the one with balconies or necklines, if you don’t have any, it’s time to buy them, as they will do more than the others. As for what to wear downstairs, a thong, a thong, a shorty, or a bikini will do the trick.

Besides underwear, lingerie is also an option to bring a little more charm. You have the choice between briefs, strapless, corset, or négligée to make the guy crazy about you. Also, consider putting on stockings with garters to keep them tight. Apart from all the above, you can use your imagination to make the pictures even more original by adding your special touches like a bow tie or jewelry to the neck.

Number 3: Prepare a beautiful decor

Throw away any object that could compromise the beauty and charm of the images. Pay attention to the colors and decorations so that they fit the event perfectly. Set up the bed on which most of the poses will be taken. Remove all the junk that is often found on the bedroom dresser (makeup kit, hairbrush, and other items) or in the bathroom (toothbrush, toothpaste, and other items). Taking good pictures also depends on the light in the room. Make sure that the position of the lamp in the room does not make your figure stand out or cast shadows. This could make the pictures look dark. If the light is too bright, cover it with a thin, transparent fabric like a t-shirt or thin scarf to dim the shine.

Number 4: Be relaxed

Don’t look like you’re doing something against your will. If you do, give up right away because it will definitely show up in the photos. Sometimes you may feel a little stressed, so turn on some soft music that you like and play it throughout the session. Close all the doors and windows, so you don’t get distracted and imagine yourself in intimacy with your man on the other side of the camera.

Number 5: Take action

There is no doubt that you do not succeed in taking photographs like the ones that appear in the big magazines. First, stand up straight with your chest forward and your buttocks well-matched in the back. This is called the S pose. It allows you to have a clepsydra shape on the picture. Next, keep your chin up high while keeping your neck totally straight without looking like a robot. Don’t forget to move your shoulders slightly backward.

Beyond all these steps, it is essential to know that in the shoot, the success of the poses depends much more on the small details of the face like the mimics. Not being a model, it would be a good idea to copy the best of the pros.


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