cam girl: the pleasure in close-up

Testimony of a cam girl: the pleasure in close-up

Sexuality is often controversial. However, some people choose to share theirs with others. This includes pornographic actors, but also cam boys and cam girls. We were curious to know what could motivate a person to choose this path as well as the prerequisites and consequences that are linked to it. That’s why we interviewed Mary, cam girl one year ago.

Mary’s motivations

Mary chose to become a cam girl for two reasons. The first one is her sexuality which was awakened very early, and the second reason is her interest in this job.

A very developed sexuality

Mary confided to us that she really felt desires at the age of 15. Indeed, she masturbated every day and enjoyed the pleasure she got without any complexes. She considered self-gratification as an “outlet”, taking refuge in it whenever a strong emotion took hold of her. She was still a virgin when she masturbated. Mary was convinced that “something beautiful was going to happen” during the act. So she waited until she felt ready and did it at 17.

A passion for fetishism

Strongly motivated by her desires, Mary developed an interest in sex workers. Four years ago, her friend, knowing her tastes, introduced her to a man on Vinted who was interested in lingerie. She then began chatting with fetishists for six months. She gained a more accurate understanding of what fetishism was, putting aside the prejudices that are wrongly associated with it. “I was able to understand why I liked to dominate, why I also liked to be submissive, it gives me a lot of clues about my personality, about how I built myself…“. That’s how she ended up becoming a cam girl, answering the particularly singular demands of her admirers in exchange for payment.

The impact of this profession on relationships

Being a sex worker is not necessarily viewed in a positive light. That’s why we asked Mary about the impact of her job on her relationships in general.

Parents’ Views

Coming out to your parents as a sex worker is not easy, even for a girl as brave as Mary. She admitted that it “took me at least two or three months of gnawing on my brain before I dared to take the plunge. However, knowing that it was necessary, she finally told them. Of course, they were not happy, but they respected her decision. This can be considered a victory.

Love life

Mary is not in a stable relationship. This is not due to her job (her only relationship lasted only a month and a half!), but rather to her vision of things. Indeed, she only considers being in “a libertine and swinger couple”. For her, it is inconceivable to limit herself to one partner.

Some important points concerning the profession of cam girl

It is possible that you wish to follow this way very soon. Here are a few things that can help you reach your goal more easily.

Being a cam girl for passion

It is essential to act according to your desires. Mary has been asked to do more than she is comfortable with. In these cases, she simply ignored the request. Working should never be a burden to her. As she says, “I really need to be passionate about what I do, I can’t get up and do something I don’t like.

Professional possibilities for a cam girl

Making a cam girl a long-term profession might be difficult. However, years of work will give you a full book of numbers. That’s why Mary considered working in other, more important, but still sex-related fields. Indeed, making sex toys and making pornographic movies are avenues she has seriously considered.

Moreover, she strongly advises people who want to start a business to use a pseudonym. Attacks are frequent, whether from fans or intolerant people. That’s why “In this business, safeguarding your real identity is very important. ”

As demonstrated, the profession of cam boy and cam girl has its share of advantages and constraints. But the most important thing is motivation. It is important to launch out in this activity by passion in order to be able to practice it freely and without complexes.

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