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Covid’s impact on fetishes

Every major event, through time, impacts society from daily life down to people’s sexual fetishes. The pandemic started as a few weeks of doing our part then became a year-long of adaptation.

The longer that time extended, the more obsessions around pandemic subjects were created on the different tube channels. Medical play and social distancing sex videos became increasingly popular. In the first months, we were all educated on things such as medical gloves, medical masks, and hand sanitizers. For most amateur cam models, niche fetishes are rare, but now clients were asking for medical gloves and masks. During times of high stress, a normal human reaction is to embrace the thing we fear. Humanity shifted in a short time to adapt to real fear. Once held for medical procedures, these objects became part of our daily outings; all of a sudden, it was okay to wear a mask into a government agency or banking facility. In the world of sexual fetish, these objects have always been part of several people’s play.

Tools Of A Pandemic

Most people had never purchased medical gloves, masks, shields, or other objects that became necessity overnight. There has always been a fetish for medical gloves both to be used and seen in sexual acts.

Medical gloves involve many of a person’s senses; the touch, feel, and smell is unique. For someone with a fetish, there is more to the act than just the object involved. Medical masks we have all seen at the dentist or doctor’s office. There may have been an occasion we had to wear one because of the flu or other ailments. Most of us never thought much of them until all of a sudden daily errands require us to cover our faces. A fetish for medical masks is not common though it is often seen in medical play videos as a prop.

Fetishes are unique, and most people do not reveal them in casual conversation; there may be a broad undercurrent of people who are attracted to masks. The videos being produced seem to indicate if a person is not already hooked on the mask, many are showing an interest. In the spring, we all ran out of hand sanitizer that bottle of stuff that smells funky and dries quickly. There has always been a fetish for different substances rubbed over specific or entire parts of a human body. Historically it is common to have sexual exploration follow significant changes in human lives. The fetish for automobiles is a classic example.

Medical Gloves

There are three main types of medical gloves latex, vinyl, and nitrile. Latex is often favored in fetish play because it is made from rubber. Latex has a unique scent and feels due to being covered in a fine powder. There is a significant portion of the population that is allergic to latex. Vinyl fetish is seen in clothing, and in medical glove fetish, it is made from a type of plastic. Nitrile gloves are processed three times to make them inert to most substances.

Some people enjoy nitrile gloves because they come in various colors, as well as thicknesses. They are a durable product that tends to last longer than both the other kinds. For fetish play, the cost difference between the different components is of little financial impact. There are several contributing factors to a person developing a fetish, and often the person is unaware of the trigger event.

Medical Masks And Face Shields

The fetish of doctor and nurse play has been popular since porn was first put to film. Medical masks are not a new invention; they were seen clear back in the dark ages with the numerous plagues. The more modern medical masks were made of cotton or linen. Our current versions are mainly paper. The pandemic has reintroduced several medical mask designs. It is popular to have a mask that is unique to the person. Face shields are less popular but still a common sight that once was rare. Face shields have been used in fetish play throughout the years. Nothing seen in the pandemic is unknown, but it has grown more popular to include these objects either as a fetish or prop. The pandemic has allowed people to wear items once deemed unacceptable bandanas are everywhere, as are hand made masks of all kinds.

Hand Sanitizer

Humans are touch creatures; we like or dislike how things feel against our bare skin. Hand sanitizer has gained popularity in the fetish world since the beginning of the pandemic. Every brand has a unique smell and feels depending on how it is produced. There have been several videos involving rubdowns and handjobs utilizing hand sanitizer. People are searching for new ways to make themselves feel more comfortable with the changing world.

The videos adapted as the world learned new rules of engaging with others. The first thing to come out was no touch sex; everyone was trying to figure out how to keep their hookups going while keeping themselves safe from the unknown virus.

For cam models, people staying home lonely wanting to have mutual and solo masturbation encounter the pandemic meant increased traffic. There are people still meeting on dating sites, but most of these are online video sexual playtimes. Mass quarantine has left people aching for physical contact; this has created an opportunity for cam models to expand their fetish offerings.

Even if you just use them as a prop to engage the room in time-consuming chatter. This is a fetish that will probably be fleeting, something that is allowing stress relief. Show your fans that you can embrace something on the fringe. They will reward you with support, both monetary and admiration. People feel excluded and isolated from their entire social basis. While some parts of the country were impacted to a higher level, and others still may feel the effects for many months to come. Cam models can create an atmosphere of unity by getting people to share their personal experiences.

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