Covid and Camming

Covid and Camming

The world has been changing since the beginning of the year, with everyone being impacted by Covid somehow. People are all talking about working from home, but camming models already were. For models used to have people go out to work, this can impact a schedule and their shows. Here are some ways to work around the changing world.

Creating a world of illusion is part of any adult entertainers business model.

The influx of lonely people stuck at home with time to kill means this is a prime opportunity for those that work in this industry. Many people have been stuck in the confines of their tiny apartments for months on end. These small spaces were great when they were gone all day to work, eating out, or living life. Now that everything is shut down entirely or limited in availability, there is a significant stress on entertainment options. Dating has also changed significantly. They are meeting a stranger who may be infected; this causes anxiety. Cam models can be the stability needed in the changing world we are online when the rest of the world is not available for contact.

Covid and Camming

Behind the curtain of illusions is the real world of life.

Scheduling can be a challenge with the changes brought on by Covid. Maybe your children are home during the day when you usually up and working, or it could be your significant other. They want to spend time with you, but you need to continue making money. It is the time when creative thinking and rigid boundaries can make both lives possible. If you have a significant other in your life, they may have to keep other people in the house entertained. Another option is to work late at night or early mornings.

For a cam model having a regular schedule has a direct impact on payments made. Bouncing around between time blocks can leave your regulars thinking you are never on. If you have been hiding your income stream, this is probably the time to have a heart to heart about what you do and what it entails.

Most people have an illusion about what cam models do; they think it is a sleazy business full of bad people. There are bad people in the adult industry, but most people are lonely, wanting someone to talk to. The conversation will be more pleasant if you initiate it instead of having someone discover your actions.

Shows are changing with the virus as well.

Covid and Camming

There is the challenge of controlling sound with more people in a home than usual. You may work out of a bedroom in an apartment. It is not just your home that can impact you but neighbors too. We are used to people not being home as they went about their lives. Covid has brought people in closer proximity for more extended amounts of time. If you are trying to control sound, you may need to implement sound control. There are some options if you do not have a carpet or a rug on your floor. Adding this will instantly create a sound barrier. Windows let sound pass through to the outside world; you can either purchase sound deading drapes or use thick blankets on your windows. Across your bedroom door, you can install a curtain rod to put a blanket or drapes. The reason for the additional barrier to your room is the two-fold sound and hiding your work implements.

Another thing that might not have been important before is a lock to keep people from bursting in.

Ensure you have sound in your home; it does not have to be blaring, and you are better off to layer it. Turn on the tv, radio, or white noise but try to keep those out of your room because microphones can amplify those sounds. If you have been using natural light for your shows, you may need to invest in some lighting options. For adult entertainers giving a good performance keeps the customers returning; they want to hear a model enjoy themselves. A blue tooth headset or an excellent directional microphone can allow you to whisper but sound loud to the other person. For cam to cam shows, a headset will enable you to hear the customer without turning your speakers way up.

There is a side of Covid not discussed.

If you were thinking about adding some new adult toys to your collection, they could be challenging to find at this time. Many adult sex toys are produced in China; the virus has impacted shipping and production. It might be a time to look for a different line produced in another country while these companies are smaller in scope; their products are often made of higher quality ingredients. Be prepared to pay a bit more and have less selection. This pandemic might be a time to think outside the box on your shows. Branching out into fetishes you have not explored can help you find new regulars. Several fetishes do not involve traditional sex toys. Pool inflatables are an option, and with Summer drawing to a close, these will be going on clearance. Balloon fetish or looners are a fun fetish that you can let off some stress while being silly. Another option to consider is pantyhose play; these are readily available even from the drug store.

Covid will continue to present challenges in all aspects of our lives with a little pre-planning, and thought you could utilize this time to grow your business. Open communication with your loved ones will keep your daily life peaceful. Think about your neighbors having someone irritated because you failed to implement sound barriers to make your life difficult. Covid will impact your sex camming business, but it does not have to control it.

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