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How to decorate your room

Every cam model finds theme self in a situation where there is no conversation in their cam room. It is awkward to get guys talking from nothing. We will all at some point try ‘How is your day going?’, ‘What have you been thinking about?‘ ‘What kinds of things are you into?‘ Rarely do these prompts give us the response we want. Often we get one-word answers. Every cam model growls when some guy tells them he is into anything. That is so not true and stops all conversation from there.

Start cruising around cam sites, and you will find cam models who have their rooms all decorated out. Other chat rooms will have music playing or tv going, but the conversation is flowing. It will not work out well if a cam model glazes over while watching their favorite show. Switch over to another room, and the chat is just rolling across the screen.

As a cam model, it is our job to make this experience enjoyable

Guys want to be in the popular room; it makes them feel like they are part of something. Being able to talk above the chatroom and yet make everyone feel like they are the center of attention takes practice. Some things can help to get the lines rolling.

The decor of your room is a great place to start with making your customers feel comfortable

There is not a particular style that works better; your style is what they want. Investing in a couple of different bedspreads gives you options, where a guy can go, hey, didn’t you have something different the last time I was here.

That gives you a chance to talk about the things you like and why you chose to do what you did. There are all kinds of fun pillows that make great attention grabbers you can pick them up for a few dollars and change them out. There are options for buying just the covers, so you only invest in one set of accent pillows. Hanging up a curtain rod behind your bed allows you to hang up different curtains or even sheets. A white shower curtain can become an area for dry-erase markers to announce your plans for the night or to showcase certain people.

Some sites do not allow stuffed animals, so before you starting throwing around a bunch of teddy bears, make sure you comply with their rules and are safe sites to work with. Other US sites are and

Do not hide your toys in a box spread them out and show them off. You do not have to use them in free chat. Some sites it is okay to give a free show others it is not. Your toys give you an excellent talking point to get people talking. Show off your favorites, but do not be afraid to talk about one is maybe not your current go-to.

Fill up your space with things that enjoy and have meaning to you

you want to feel happy in your space

The broadcast room is an area that will take up a lot of your time, and you want to feel happy in your space. There are no better colors than others, so go with something that brings a smile to your face. You do want to watch patterns because busy ones can cause a camera to work harder. It is okay to be different than any other person on the site that is what guys want. They come to escape their tiresome lives to step into a fantasy world that feels real.

Do not forget that you are part of the decor of your room

Dress in things you like or that make you feel sexy.

Wear things that grab attention. Not every girl wears lingerie; it is not the go-to outfit of a cam girl. Dress in things you like or that make you feel sexy. Some girls do great in a t-shirt and panties other’s enjoy cosplay. If you try and wear something that is not part of who you are, then you will be self-conscious the whole time. There is a fetish for everything out there you will find guys that enjoy the same things you enjoy. Some guys will always think he is cute or funny and tell you what you should do. These guys are all alike; they are just trying to get you to lose your cool. When you get angry, your room will dump guys. Remember, these guys are here to escape what they see all the time, not to listen to you tell someone off.

The decor of your room should reflect what you want to attract and who you are

Playing a role can be fun for an hour, but if you try to make that your daily routine, it will wear you out. The most natural lie to tell is the one based on the truth. It is expected we exaggerate our world. PT Barnum once said to us, “The public appears disposed to be amused even when they are conscious of being deceived.” Your whole time online is giving a show, and you make money off the guys that are loyal to the show.

When it comes to decor, permit yourself to step out of your comfort zone, and explore new things

You can try them, and if you don’t like them, that gives you something to talk about even our failures can work in our favor. The decor of your room is not just the stuff you put in there; it is everything that contributes to your character. Your things, dress, and toys give the men nonverbal ques to who you are. Make sure you layer your belongings think of your area as a picture for men to find something new each time they look around. Move things around. You can even make a game of where is something. If you, not a bubbly person, that is okay, but people do respond better to smiling people. You can be a serious person but friendly and inviting.

The more time you spend online, you will find your regulars. A lot of girls want to block the non-payers, but often these guys can help keep the room stimulated with a conversation. You will spend eight to twelve hours a day in your broadcast if you do this full time. Investing in your world will make that time fun.

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