take sexy pictures of yourself

How to take sexy pictures of yourself

Without spending a penny on a photoshoot, you can take sexy pictures of yourself using your own smartphone or a professional camera. It may sound a bit tedious, but your photos will surely look great once the work is done.

Your personal photo session can be divided into several steps:

1. Highlight your erotic assets

If you want to look natural in the photos without too much retouching, bring out your facial expressions and features with makeup. Don’t hesitate to use too much makeup to achieve the desired effect. Put on a brightly colored lipstick, red if possible, put on false eyelashes, a dark and thick eyeliner.

Add volume to your hair by tousling it, so that your haircut suggests you’ve just come out of a nap. You can achieve the same effect by applying styling mousse directly to your scalp.

Then proceed to the hair removal step. All visible body hair should be shaved, including your eyebrows. You’ll look sexier in your photos if your legs are smooth and hairless.

take sexy pictures of yourself


2. Choose your clothes

You have a complete choice of clothes to wear for your photoshoot. You can decide what percentage of your flesh you want to show, assuming that your photo will not be less erotic if you don’t show less flesh. If you opt for lingerie or classic underwear, you don’t need to buy new ones. Make good use of the ones you have by making them look their best. Opt for supports that can enhance your breasts and wear a sexy thong or bikini.

You can also wear heels, miniskirts, blouses without buttons or ties. Usually, any accessory you like should do the trick if you know how to make it stand out in your photos.


3.Set up your photo scene

Remove from the scene any object that may attract more attention than your poses in the photo. Remove all objects that may not fit with the mood of the scene and clean your bedside table, since you will probably take your photos on your bed.

If you plan to take it in the bathroom, in front of the mirror, make sure to clear the view of any object that might be in the way. The photo must be well framed. The lighting must be adequate and you must position yourself properly about it, at the risk of seeing shadows appearing in your photos or appearing only as a silhouette in your photos. The ideal would be to use several sources of light to look good in your pictures.

You also have the possibility to use a tripod for your photos. This will allow you to take pictures without holding the camera yourself. You can use a flat surface if you don’t use a tripod.

take sexy pictures of yourself

4. Be comfortable

Be relaxed. Your self-confidence will show in your photos, as will the embarrassment you will unintentionally show in them. Put on some sensual music and try to relax while listening to it.

take sexy pictures of yourself

5. Adopt a pose for the photo

Models who take sexy pictures are probably nothing more than adopt poses to bring out their charms.

Adopt the S pose which consists of arching yourself as much as possible, making your chest and buttocks stand out. Arching your back emphasizes your shape.

Keep your chin high to taper your neck and avoid shadows on your collarbones. Putting your shoulders back will make your torso bulge and bring your chest out more.




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