Lighting for a cam model

Lighting On A Budget

When one is starting in cam modeling, the technical side can be the hardest to overcome. There are a few essential items you will need. A fast Internet this will make or break you, and discussed in future articles. A decent computer most modern ones will work for your needs — a good camera, another subject that we will delve into later and adequate lighting. Sure there are toys and clothes, and all those things can be collected over time. This article is about lightening and how to work with what you have or some budget-friendly items.

You will read articles about how natural lighting is always the best, but this is not a real option for most cam models

To make money you have broadcast when most people are on the Internet, and that is generally either early mornings or nights — midday, when the best natural lighting is available the masses of people, are not. The light in your ceiling is not going to give your camera what it needs that is just there to keep you from stubbing your toe in the dark. House lamps are too harsh even with soft bulbs in them. Think about when you look at a lamp for too long you see a bright halo of light but many shadows also. It’s what I’m using at and . These are things that will not work; you can use them in a pinch, but they are going to hinder more than help.

There is a lot of technical things about lighting you can learn those later if that subject interests you

Right now, you need solutions that are affordable and generally easy to find. Many professional cam model studios use Light Umbrellas they are around $50 to $100 usually easy to find. These are a lamp with an umbrella in front of the bulb. Light Umbrella’s work well but they have some drawbacks to them. They are cumbersome and take up room space. For most people, this item will have to be ordered in though most photography stores will have them.

Light Umbrellas

Another option is Right Lights you will see these in a number of makeup videos on Youtube. This product runs about $100 and almost always have to be shipped in from a website. They are compact and designed to work with all kinds of cameras. The camera mounts inside the ring, so the brightness is behind the lens. Having the light behind the camera and surrounding the device eliminates the necessity of multiple sources of illumination.

The design of these Ring Lights is functional for small spaces. When starting most of the models work from home and their bedrooms. Having your light and your camera in one compact setup will make starting your day less hectic.

Ring Lights have several functions built into them to give complete control of intensity as well as the color of the light. These lights give you several options, but they do have one major drawback. If you use them without a filter, they can create a ring that shows up in your eyes. If this is a concern for you make sure you purchase one with filters.

Ring Lights

A low-cost option that you can purchase from most local hardware or discount retailers is clip-on lights. You will want to buy ones with the metal shield to direct the beam forward. These cost around $5 each and you will have to purchase bulbs. To soften the clip-on lamp, you can buy some light fabric or tissue paper and use black clips from the home office aisle. Make sure you keep the wattage of the bulbs low if you are covering them to keep the heat down.

While you don’t need to understand all things concerning light technology, there are a few quick rules that will be helpful

High wattage is not always better; we use light to help the camera not work as hard. If you are in a small room, high wattage bulbs will produce heat. Do not put a lamp behind you; it will cast shadows through the camera. There is a difference between fluorescent and incandescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting can be lower in temperature and slightly less expensive to run, but it is generally a harsh light that brings out flaws in the skin. Incandescent lighting comes in multiples colors, and it is easy to replace and usually cheaper.

When it comes to light bulbs, even the discount stores carry yellow or blue bulbs. You will not see the yellow, but you will see the effect of the light. Blue light tends to be softer and shows fewer flaws in the skin. Your skin tone will make a difference in how you appear on camera. It is often beneficial to purchase a package of each color and see how you look. That is a benefit of the Ring Lights they allow you to adjust from yellow to blue through a control.

You will probably want to stay away from halogen bulbs they are very hot, expensive to run, and not flattering to most skin tones.

You may be able to find some great products utilizing LED technology. LED’s are often inexpensive, bright, and consume small amounts of electricity. Without using filters of some fashion LED light is often harsh.

Whatever lighting you choose when you first begin, understand that you do not have to invest significant money to start creating your clientele. They want to see you and not the shadows. The more light you give your camera, the less it has to work to transmit your image. In most situations, the softer the lightening, the more flattering. Lighting does play into broadcast-quality, but high speed will overcome most problems. The heat will be a factor if you are in front of your computer for prolonged amounts of time. We do not think of the heat from a bulb when we are far away from the source; the closer we are temperature becomes a factor.

This portion of your business is an area you will want to invest in as technology changes. Lightening becomes less expensive with new products offered every year.

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