Pamela’s Interview

Q. Can you introduce yourself to those who do not know you?

Yes. I’m Pamela and I’m twenty-two, live streaming at and .

Q. Tell us how you arrived into the world of live webcam

Well, funny story; or, wait a minute, maybe it’s just a regular story. Well, I was just a girl looking for some adventure. Yeah, that’s about it. I guess you can say I have a rebellious nature in me, which is why I didn’t exactly go into one of the more cliché career choices. I needed adventure; something fun, and I found it through a friend of mine who’d been a webcam model a year ago.

Q. What did the webcam bring you?

Adventure, just like I said earlier. I don’t know about other models, but no two sex shows are alike for me. What I mean is, they never feel the same; might involve the same thing like a pussy play or something, but the reactions and thrills are never the same and you can’t beat that. So, the webcam has brought me adventure and thrill, unlike I’ve ever felt before.

Q. What is your relationship with the porn world?

Well, developing, as far as I’m concerned. Webcam models are basically pornstars, right? but I sure would like to break into that world, you know. I know a few people over there and I think this platform is giving me the exposure I need, showing off what I can do. And, being a really horny slut—lol—there is a whole lot I can do. To answer the question plainly, my relationship with the porn world is developing and getting stronger. A little distant, but that’s sure to change.

Q. Do you consider yourself a cam pro? is this a job for you?

I guess you can’t technically be a pro in stuff like this—it’s not like it needs a degree or something—but there’s a way you just get so good at it that you can think of yourself in that ‘pro’ level. So yeah, I’ve been doing this a while and I can consider myself a pro.

Q. What does your audience expect most from you during your sex shows?

My tits. Lol. But really, I’ll say my charm; I have a way of doing my sex shows, I think, from the feedback I get, I always carry everyone along and make them feel like I’m there with them physically. So I guess they always expect that heart I put into my work. They also expect a good sex show, trust me on that. Be plane and boring and you won’t get any of those guys to return; you won’t even get tipped, and trust me there is a shocking thrill in that ‘ding’ you here when you get tipped.

Q. How were your first sex shows?

This is also funny and it makes me laugh each time I think about it. They weren’t really bad, really; I guess just a little bit amateurish. I really do look at some recorded ones and shake my head. I think, this girl really did try too much. Not a bad thing, but I guess you can expect that from anybody starting om a new ground. So, I’ll say they were good. Good enough for me to now have an established fan base; guys—and girls, trust me—who adore me and spur me on, and make the work joyous for me.

Q. What are your limits in sex shows?

Personally, I wouldn’t say they are much. It mostly depends on the sex show and what I expect myself to do. I wouldn’t say there are much limits. Okay, perhaps I wouldn’t do something super ‘disgusting’, as I personally won’t really be okay with stuff like getting pissed on. That’s just an example, of course. Lol.

Q. How do you manage your relationship with your audience and fans?

First, those guys are the base of my work, beside my want for adventure. Boundaries, that’s it. There are limits to the relationship you have with fans, that way you can always keep a little mystery about yourself and still keep them intrigued. I have had a few personal messages from fans and, as much as I find them charming, I usual just reply to the ones I can and make it clear that I’m best available for them on the sex show.

My relationship with my fans is a bit strict but warm, and they love it, at least so far.

Q. How do you see your future? how do you envision it in this environment?

Well, that’s a tough one. You see, I was raised with this idea that planning for the future is great but taking the world—and life in general—one day at a time, is also a great idea. I believe that in the near future, if I’m still a CamGirl, I’ll break through and really shine. I love my work and I’ll like to expand my horizons in the future, you know; I love being in front of the camera, so getting to be part of, maybe, high quality porn movies would be such a great boost to my horny self. Lol.

Q. You have been present on and for a while. Is the platform right for you? Do you have any suggestions for us? have you tried other services?

I think this platform has given me the shine I need. Yes, it’s right for me and I appreciate the chance to be able to do my work on it, as passionately as I can without much restrictions. I’ll have to get back to you on the suggestions. Lol. No, I haven’t really tried other services. Perhaps in the near future, but for now I’m perfectly happy.

Q. Do you have any advice for other people who would like to start as a CamGirl?

Yes, of course. I’ll say do it. Have fun while doing and don’t let things get to you. Being a CamGirl is much about you as much as it is about your audience, and being able to enjoy your work brings out your best. So do it, and do it hard. Have fun.

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