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Protecting yourself online

Cammodels are often in a vulnerable position due to the type of work they do and how much time they spend with clients. We tend to spend eight to twelve hours a day on the Internet in some form. These guys want to know everything about us from where we live to what products we use. Most of the time, the inquiries are innocent, but there is always that one guy who has bad intentions. Here is some common-sense advice to start your mind thinking about protecting your privacy in a world of exposure. This article is not meant to be a complete how-to guide. Your safety and security is always your responsibility. Maintain your guard through your adventures of being your boss your way.

We want to make our guys think they are part of our everyday lives that builds a bond to keep them loyal to us.

The more loyal they are, the more money they spend on us

Guys are going to ask you every day where you live. When I started, I was told to tell a guy that you were from a large city thousands of miles away from where your life. This old-fashioned way of thinking is horrible advice; most of us do not know enough about a city to play that role. It only takes a few people to be caught in this lie. These guys understand we are “playing a role,” but no one likes blatant lied to no matter what the reason. Besides, it is far more interesting to be the girl from a State they do no hear about all the time. At no point should you tell anyone what city you live in, even if you live in a large metropolitan area. The most important lesson a sex cam model can learn is that “No” is a complete sentence.

You are under zero obligation to answer a question that makes you feel uncomfortable

Be cautious when you start answering questions; ask yourself if this guy can use that to gain closer access to you. If you go to an event, never tell someone before you are in a specific location. The safer way to share is after the event is over. The exception to this will be if you go to a sex camming event. There are far more nice people in the world, but the mean people are there as well.

You will, at some point, while camming a private will ask for you to call them

There are valid reasons why a client wants a phone call. The Internet does not always run the same across this country; there are times when the chat voice is slower or faster than the video feed. A guy may not be able to hear that well through his computer but can through the phone. A number of cam models have either a rollover number or a throwaway phone they use for these calls. You do not want to use your regular phone for this type of additional service. You can get a skype number for around $30 a year. It allows you to use their software and call a client. They have apps for cell phones; this can make the process more streamlined. A disposable cell phone can run anywhere from $25 to $60 a month, but you can shut it off when you are not working. Every year new options come available. A phone that allows you to shut off the caller id offers another layer of protection to your privacy.

Before someone requests a phone service, send an email to the sex camming site you use and make sure it does not violate their rules. Some sex cam sites offer this as an added feature utilizing the service should always come first.

Remember, these are strangers, and he may seem like a fantastic guy when you first start together, but these guys can change. We deal with people from all walks of life. What they reveal is not always what they are. Being a cam sex model requires a model to think through a situation.

All models want a room that is set up for work purposes only that is not always easy to obtain

Starting a process of self-protection that you do habitually is essential when working and living out of the same room. A simple envelope or receipt that a person reads can create a difficult situation.

A number of the sites encourage the girls to utilize social media

There is a debate in the industry if social media actually brings significant traffic to the individual model. For the sites having a bunch of people on social media discussing their site is beneficial. If you choose to open up social media understand you can lose those at any time. All of the major social media sites are not friendly to the adult industry. When using social media sites make sure you have the privacy settings set up properly before you broadcast yourself over them.

A number of these sites will give out your location, phone number, personal email addresses etc. When setting these up make sure you have an email set up that is dedicated to your character name. There have been models tracked down by using their email on their family social media and adult based social media.

You can create your free site with all social content at once at

Another thing to keep in mind is whether you want the world to know your exact living arrangement. There are models that discuss their relationship status in great details. There should be some caution when it comes to pets and children. Most studios recommend all girls have boyfriends or roommates even if they live alone.

Sex camming sites have been life changers for several people who are limited in what they can do for income. The work can be a lot of fun, and people are often interesting. Nothing in life is entirely safe, and this industry is as safe as we choose to make it. A bit of preplanning and caution can make all the difference.

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