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When you start on about any sex cam site as , they will want you to work hard on your social media to bring customers to them. These sites often say they do not authorize off-site communication. The reason for this is they do not want you taking the customers they supposedly brought to the website to someplace else. On the surface, that seems reasonable they pump money into advertising and want the payback for that investment.

The issue began years ago when the sites backed off their advertisements and demanded they were platforms to build a business. The sites started to tell models they should utilize social media to bring in their clientele.

There are significant issues with social media first off adult entertainment is tolerated on some sites

When you become active with a large following, the toleration of the site goes away. Many a model has wholly lost their social media sites even with staying inside the rules. In recent years social media has become proactive. If your sex cam name is your social media name, they can deactivate you. Social media requires significant time investment with little payoff. The majority of people on social media sites looking at sex cam models are not buyers. They are lookers.

Pick up any Internet marketing book or watch any vlog on business management; the first thing they advise is to create an email list

In the modern way of communication, one may think that email is a thing of the past. However, with email, if presented engagingly, receive a higher response than blanket social media. A list of emails of customers who have already played with a sex cam model provides a list of income creators.

These guys want to feel like they are part of something special most of them do not have interaction beyond the workplace. When sex cam models utilize their select list to make their fans part of the process, the men want to do more. Every show a cam model does should be used to build her list of customers. Blogs can work well for this because they allow the sex cam model to push communication beyond a short show.

Blogs allow the model to put up interaction videos, ask for emails, and push key words

A blog that is paid for by the sex cam model does not have the same danger of being deleted as social media does. If done correctly, a blog can become an independent income generator. Owned blogs are the central point that the model can utilize for other platforms, including social media.


Email marketing received bad press many years ago, and people tend to shy away from it

The reason for the stigma is due to overuse and lack of engagement. People do not like pushiness; they do not want to spend minutes deleting things of no interest. When using email marketing, remember these people entrusted you with their personal information. We are selling sexuality, but we can do so with a bit of class.

Creating any marketing campaign from email to social media should be done with a plan

Start with what do these guys talk to you about. When you have a busy night, what kind of shows do you do the most? Also, do not forget what you enjoy discussing. Begin with what is your moneymaker right now. These guys already see something in your character, so try and bring more of those people, do you? Then do campaigns about your top money-making shows are. These two types of shows are not necessarily the same subject. You may talk to a lot of JOI (jerk off instruction) people, but they do not do long shows. The money-making shows may be sissification you do less of these shows, but you make more from them. Maybe you enjoy doing cuckolding based shows, but you do not get a lot of those types of shows.

Sit down with your list and figure out campaigns based on these, then create engaging blogs, vlogs, gifs, and etc. You want to have somewhere between 250 to 500 words in an email campaign. The goal is to keep the guy engaged beyond a few seconds. Try to send your emails out when you are online working. Keep your emails to a reasonable amount once or twice a week is acceptable to most people. If you start blasting people every night, they will unsubscribe, and you will annoy them. You are better off to spend more time in creating a fun, engaging interaction than to be pushy. You are a unique person that is already attracting people to you.

The Internet world can be unstable

It is common for a site to be there one day and completely gone the next. Historically there have been sites that disappeared, and the models did not receive payment. Sex cam sites are more stable, so the overnight surprise is rarer now than it was in the beginning, but it still can occur. If you have only engaged with your customer base via the site, you just lost your whole business base overnight. The same goes for social media; you may have a following of tens of thousands of people and poof they are no longer accessible.

You are building a business that is meant to take care of yourself and your family

To make money, you have to spend money. At first, you will not have a lot of money to invest in yourself. Having a free email from services such as Gmail, Yahoo or etc. gives you a base. Then spend a bit of money on a blog; it can be simple to start but purchase your URL and your hosting. Set those up the first weeks and then stay within the rules of your site but start building your list. Most sex cam sites will allow blog links but not necessarily exchange of email addresses. There are a lot of programs for free that give you an email form.

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