Hi there, my name is Latoya Stables and I am a 28 year old; 185lbs live Cam model exclusively at and and I love sex caming.

I love singing, dancing, going to the gym, making people happy and I love fucking online. I get so hot and horny just thinking about playing around on my live cam, no takes or replays just totally unfiltered fun. From my experience I would say that one’s interest in becoming a sex cam worker comes from their adventurous side. The side of them that craves being the main attraction and loves the feeling of being wanted.

I have always been hornier than everyone I know that is my age. Sex cam life is more than a hobby but a way of fulfilling a side of me that I cannot expose to everyone. I am more confident every time I get around a camera and prouder to indulge in the things I do both naughty and nice. I am entertaining persons who is looking to me for the attention they may not be able to get in their everyday lives.

Who knows what kind of pressure I take off from just being there, enjoying myself and enjoying their company

Using toys and the feeling of being desired to makes yourself cum I would say will always be a day or night well spent. Sometimes you may find that being a sex cam model is a great get away from the problems and stress of your everyday life, your partner may make you feel pressured or like you are not good enough but online they see you and they want what they see.

Working at you know you are among the best of the best; you have to be very good at what you do to have clients coming back and have a rating among the best. You are free to be yourself to forget that everything else exist and just live while having 4 to 5 orgasms in the process. In your day to day life sex is awesome you know you climax 3 times and that’s great but the idea of being online, being desired, wanted for exactly who you are, there is something special about that.

Sex caming is different from all other sex work as it simply provides a medium for you to be expressive and to enjoy yourself in that moment, you are a model and a desired one

Working at has changed the way I think of sex and intimacy. My biggest surprise was earing my friends say I look more relaxed and comfortable when on my sex cam. I didn’t even know that they watch me which is a bit of a turn on. I have always tried to keep my two worlds separate so I can have a healthy non-sexual relationship. That doesn’t always work as even my present relationship started when a friend admitted that she loves watching my shows and masturbates while she does. Today she is my exclusive girlfriend who is also now getting into sex caming. Who knows maybe soon we will be able to start some movies together and get some juices running (smiles).

It is the best of both worlds, I work from home, I am my own boss, I am paid very well and I get to do what I absolutely love to do

Not many girls my age can say that as I still have a professional life and healthy relationships. You don’t have to pretend or make anything up and I keep cuming as long as I am live online. And over time you find that these strangers keep coming back until they are no longer strangers. It is a lot of fun but it is also an investment making sure you are stocked up with your sex toy, lingeries, lubes and other necessities so you can keep your clientele happy.

The truth is whether you are a amateurs, expert exhibitionists, pornstars; you are exactly what someone is looking for so you are free to be yourself and in the process discover who are really are and what you really like as a person. I don’t care what they call me; their little bitch, girlfriend, wife, internet whore for me it is all a turn on; I let all my clients know that I can be exactly what they want, anytime they want it. I see them enter my chat home and immediately the look on my face is just different and delightful no matter what else is going on. At times when my stress level hits the roof and everything in my personal life seems so chaotic I go into my bedroom (office) and I turn my camera on and everything seems to go away.

Camming can mean so many different things for different persons; for some it is an escape, for others it’s a way to feel wanted and alive, for some it’s financial independence others use it to be able to express their true extremely Horny self but for me it is all of the above I spend anywhere between 5 to 10 per day sex caming. Can you tell that I love what I do? and I am sure my bank account would proof that I am extremely good at being a model.

Sexting, DVDs, websites and porn takes so much time and effort and you may never know how people will react to what you would like to give them or say to them.

While live on a sex cam you are right there interacting with them you can change if they prefer something else or just do what they tell you they would like to see. To me the hassle is far less, more entertaining and more enjoyable. At this point I doubt I could go back to not doing live sex chats with random strangers. I am just so comfortable and feel like I find what I should really be doing.

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