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How do I put on a latex outfit?

Latex is a popular material very often associated with eroticism and fetish clothing. It is an elegant and sensual alternative to materials such as vinyl or leather. It is very popular for naughty games and despite its sexy and exciting look, latex is often difficult to put on because it is very tight and impractical. That’s why putting on a latex outfit requires precautions to be taken so that your outfit is perfect for your favourite erotic games.

Putting on latex clothing can be difficult because you can tear or stretch the material. If your latex outfit is worn correctly it is like wearing a second skin.

Precautions to take before putting on your playwear!

latex outfit

Before you want to put on your latex outfit, there are certain precautions that you need to follow for proper use of your latex outfit. Latex is a material that sticks because you perspire very quickly indoors and, if you don’t put it on properly, it can become an inconvenience and a nuisance. Your erotic games will then very quickly become a nightmare.

The first thing to do is to apply lubricant or silicone oil on your skin and inside your latex outfit. You can also choose to apply a generous amount of talcum powder inside your latex garment.

Both talcum powder and lubricant have their advantages and disadvantages

On the one hand, talcum powder is cheaper than lubricant and helps to delay perspiration but it will leave lumps after each use. You will therefore have to put talcum powder back inside your outfit every time you use it. As for the lubricant, it is more expensive than talcum powder and generates less friction on your body. Its use will make it easier to put on your latex garment.

Time to get your outfit on!

You are certainly asking yourself but how do I put on my latex outfit? Patience, here is the answer. Of course, before putting on, your body must be lubricated or soaked in talcum powder to make it easier to put on your outfit. So, first of all, before you begin to put on your latex outfit, remove all jewellery that could damage it. Also be careful with your nails if they are long as they can tear the latex.

Putting on a latex outfit is like putting on ladies stockings! For those who are used to wearing stockings it will be child’s play! For the others, unroll the material gently with both hands, going from the foot to the leg. Then release the material slowly as you pull on it.

If you want to adjust your latex outfit, never pull on it with your hands. To adjust it properly, it is best to stretch it gently or push it with the palm of your hand.

And finally, keep in mind that before you put away your latex outfit, it must be completely dry so that you can enjoy other erotic games.

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