LiveJasmin is one of the most popular websites online where you can see a sex cam experience fast and easy. In fact, the website has more than 35 million users per day, so it’s definitely one of the largest cam websites that you can find out there. It’s quite large, full of people and at the same time it does include some rather unique and interesting features too. All of that adds up to bring in front some of the most compelling and interesting experiences.


If you’re a user you will find that LiveJasmin does a very good job at letting you know what live sex models are online, you can engage in free chat with them and you can also pick various categories too. As soon as you enter you will have a predefined category and then you can easily select whatever category you want. You can select boys or girls and then go from there. It’s actually quite a lot of fun since you have tremendous ideas and fun moments to explore while also adapting to the experience in any way that you might see fit.

The filters focus not only on categories, but they also have other interesting features too. These include pricing, the type of show that you want to watch. And they even have a section for willingness. The idea here is that if you do enter private chat, some sex cam models will have restrictions and you will be notified about that from the start. It actually makes a lot of sense and you will find the experience to be quite rewarding and interesting as you go along. This is definitely different and a lot more intricate than what you would imagine at first. But it’s still pretty nice either way.

Interacting with the models

If you want to see live sex, you will first need to enter the chat session with these amazing models. You can select any model you want and start talking with them. It’s nice to see that they have live sex sessions and you can enter in any one of these if you want to. Some of the models can hold a VIP show and so on. There are even some story sessions you can engage with which we found to be quite different than what you usually get in a website like this.


Dedicated model page

Once you enter the model page you can find all kinds of information about that model. Women and men that activate on this website will find the experience to be very fun and interesting, and it does make a lot of sense to check out the site to learn more about them. Some models will have awards, but all of them will have a whole lot of images. Some of the images will be premium, and that means you need a premium subscription or you have to buy credits for the entire experience.

You can chat with the model and then you can initiate a private show if you want too. that’s exciting because it delivers some nice ideas. The chat experience is very seamless but they did include all kinds of different systems and features here to make it more enticing and rewarding at the same time. it actually makes a lot of sense to test this out and talk with the model before you commit to a live chat.

That’s fine, it makes sense in this spectrum and you do want to give it a try at the very least to see how it goes.

The trick with LiveJasmin is that you are only allowed a few minutes on the website to see the model and interact with her. After that you will have to pay for it. That being said, it’s a great opportunity and some of the nicest experiences that you can have on a platform like this. It makes sense but at the same time you also have tremendous customization features and options to think about.

That alone can be a wonderful opportunity for you since you get to interact with the models, see their vibe and whether it will be a good experience for you or not.

VibraToy feature

One of the more interesting things about LiveJasmin is that they have a VibraToy support feature. What this means is that you will have control over the vibrator of that model. That’s interesting since it makes the private show a lot more interesting and intimate. But at the same time it’s a whole lot of fun and you will have some enjoyable moments. So it’s a win-win situation.


The prices are on the steep side here. Every interaction you have on the website will cost you credits and the amount will differ. Obviously you can start off slow with just a few points per month, but you can go to thousands of points per month if you want. As you can imagine, this is very costly especially if you use the website often or even more, every month.

However, they do have all kinds of promotions that will either give you more for the same money or you can get points at a discount. That makes the price sting a little bit less as you can still enjoy the live sex and have fun with it in a great manner. That being said, we do believe that LiveJasmin is a very good website for models to make money and if you want to interact with models, it provides a great way to do that.

Is it worth your time?

LiveJasmin has been around for more than a decade. It’s a vetted website with a great model base and it always expands. The points system is fair and the models are paid very well. That being said, as a customer you will find that getting these points is a bit on the expensive side.

But that’s fine, it gives the ROI you want and in the end you will be pretty happy with the results here. It does take a bit to get used to all the options and the interface but it’s worth it!

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