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What a cam model preferes?

As a girl working on sex cams, I get asked a lot of questions. These are some that I hear on a routine basis. Guys will come into my room to ask me if I am a tease or direct explosive shows, of course, the guys that have spent some time in my room already know all these answers.

Sometimes I am asked about what I enjoy wearing and whether I enjoy being naked in front of people. When it comes to sexuality, guys often want to know about my favorite position both on the sex cam as well as in my personal sexual life.

The most frequent question is what is my favorite fetish

I took a few moments to write down some thoughts on these, but if you want to get to know me, then you have to come to spend time with me. Ask me questions and take an interest in who I am. We will have a lot of fun together.

When it comes to working on sex cams, there are always a variety of shows that I do in a day

They are all a lot of fun and allow me to explore the sexual sides of myself that I never thought about before. There are two main categories of play from teasing to directly explosive shows. I am a girl that enjoys a good tease whether I am teasing you or you are teasing me. There are days when I am stressed out, or I am extra worked up, and then I want a hardcore explosive orgasm.

The main thing when it comes to playing with a girl on sex cams is to remember we are here for multiple reasons most of us enjoy our sexuality

It is fun to pay my bills by having orgasms. When you come into one of our rooms, be respectful, and ask us what we are in the mood for at that moment. You might even be able to change our mind if you try. You come to a woman like myself because you want a personal experience. If you try and rush our time together because of a few pennies, neither of us will enjoy ourselves to the maximum.

Sex camming is like any other relationship it built through pleasant times enjoyed by both those involved these times can be slow teasing or directly explosive

It is easy for us girls to spot a new guy on the site they will come into our rooms and start begging for us to get naked or worse they will demand. I enjoy being naked and often you will pop in to find me sitting completely topless, bottomless or in my birthday suit. Being a girl dressing up sexy is always fun. I have a lot of outfits, lingerie, and costumes. If I am not wearing what you want to see in a show, feel free to ask. It is common courtesy to ask me to change when we are in a private show together not in free chat. You will never know what I will be wearing because most of the time, I do not know until I pull it out of my closet. I am a girl, so dressing up with nylons, lace, satin, and leather tops my favorites. I might start the day all dressed up then by the end of my time, sex camming all that fabric has been discarded.

When a guy asks me if I prefer to be naked, dressed up, or sexy underwear, the honest answer is peek into my world

I like it all, and of course, shopping is a ton of fun. You will have to hang out within my room to find your favorite outfit or look of mine.

Women are not like men when it comes to sexual positions our bodies change throughout the day and month what feels great on one day may be a bit uncomfortable on another. There are days when I enjoy missionary; it is intimate and comforting. Some days I want to throw a guy down climb on top and ride in full control. Other days I crave being bent over with a strong man making me feel like a desired woman. My favorite position is the one on that day that makes me feel the sexiest.

One of the biggest adventures of working on sex cams is learning about all the fetishes that real people enjoy

I started doing this with little sexual knowledge. Of course, the guys in my room have made education a lot of fun. My understanding and appreciation of sex toys have expanded with my time on sex cams. There have been some fun adventures with balloons, inflatables, and role-plays. When it comes to fetishes, I have to say my favorite is learning about the nuances of another person. People fascinate me their fetish is often something they tell me but do not reveal to even long term relationships. I find power in knowing what makes a man desire our time over spending it elsewhere.

It is hard for a girl on sex cam to answer the questions presented by a new person when they come into our rooms

Our shows are personal, and we create them off of the person we are playing with. I can offer you an experience based on both of us. The experience with a sexy cam girl like myself can grow with time. Most guys will come into my room to get a fast show and leave; they do not invest enough to unlock the cerebral aspect of online play. I have fans who have evolved past the jerk off sessions these guys spend quality time with me. We learn each others rhythm of play, the outfits they adore, both of our favorite sexual positions and of course fetishes we both enjoy. I am a live person that you can enjoy without all the drama of dating. I am open to the exploration of sexual fun. Just like any other person, my favorites do change, but I generally come back to certain ones. I invite you into my room and answer the questions I presented here.

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