Melissa Stone

Interview Melissa Stone

1. Can you introduce yourself to those who do not know you? 

I am Melissa Stone. For those who do not know me, that is my Camera model name at myfreecams, jasmin, chaturbate, and However, I wouldn’t like to disclose my real name yet. If you want to know my real name then it is better to get used to this stage name because that is the far it goes.

2. Tell us how you arrived in the world of live webcams? 

Well, thank you. My arrival at the world of live webcams is a very interesting one. In fact, it was almost by lack. One day, I was naively cut walking with some of my friends in an internal modeling event. This was when one of our teachers took many videos of us. After a week or so, after my high school graduation, someone approached me. He said, “I saw your beauty pageant videos and they were amazing”. That was the beginning of me word of live webcams. And the rest is actually history.

3. What did the webcam bring you?

The webcam encounter has brought me a lot. In fact, I can tell you that webcams have elevated me to a position where I never imagined in would be. First of all, through webcams, I have been able to meet many models both men and women. It is through meeting these experienced models that I have perfected my webcam modeling techniques.

Secondly, webcam has enabled me to be a better person because I can now control my attitude, mood and even facial expression. Webcam encounters has always made me smile even if I do not plan to do so. Webcam encounter has actually changed my personality.

Thirdly, I would like to say that webcam have brought me income. Just like an athlete, I have been able to earn from webcam modeling. I know that many of you will ask me how. But it is simple, whenever I stream live, someone gets to pay me for that. On the other hand, there are those clients who gets satisfied with a real sex cam with my beauty, getting pleasure o. live sex. They get to pay for such a service as well.

Last but not least, you will agree with me that webcams have made me popular. Each and every minute someone encounter my live streams, I also become famous in an instance. It is with that idea that I am confidently saying that the live of webcams has made me known and popular just like any other model. Being popular is very satisfying and a wonderful feeling!

4. What is your relationship with the porn world? 

Well, thank you for that question but I confess that it is a very difficult question to answer. However, I would like to say that I have a minimal relationship with the porn world. In other words, am aware of the fact that porn world exists but that is not my line of work. Don’t get me wrong but that live stream doesn’t mean that I am a porn star a well.

5. Melissa Stone, do you consider yourself a cam pro? This is a job for you?

Yes, yes. I do consider myself as a cam pro. And moreover this is a job for me. I am saying so because, out of my experience, I have become very popular and when a model becomes popular, then he/she ascends to that position of being regarded as a cam pro. Secondly, out of what I earn on monthly basis, I can also say that his is a job for me.

6. What does your audience expect most from you during your live sex shows? 

My audiences normally too much from me. During my shows, they expect to see new moves, new fashion designs and new appearance. As for me this expectation is a great honor. That is the reason why I always try to deliver whatever expectation they may have. At the end of the day, I always like to leave them satisfied and nothing less than that.

7. How were your first sex cam shows? 

(Laughing) My first shows were not all beds of roses but tough. First of all, I was not used to cameras and lights. And this made me feel nervous and I would like to confess that I did not bring out the best of me during these initial shows.

8. What are your limits in your sex cam shows? 

I have a number of limits during my show. The three main limits is that I don’t expose too much of myself because there are personal principles and rules that I must respect. Secondly, I never given my personal contacts during live cam. With these limits, I have been able to apply my personal principles in whatever I do.

9. How do you manage your relationships with your audience and your fans?

It is very simple. I normally operate a “mutual” kind of relationship. This is where my fans and audiences get what they expect at all times. In other words, my relationship with them is strictly professional. This is where I ensure that I give them something new each and every time. I always want them to experience something they have been fantasizing about.

10. How do you see your future? How do you envision your future in this environment? 

As far the world of webcam modeling is concerned, I can confidently say that my future is very bright. I am saying so because the world is changing and more and more people have come to appreciate webcam modeling. In fact, the more people welcome what with we do, the more they are willing to reward us with popularity. That means our earning will improve when people appreciate what we do in order to satisfy their personal needs.

11. You have been present on and for a while. Is the platform right for you? Do you have any suggestions for us? Have you tried other services?

Yes. Yes, I must confess that I have been featuring at and as well. Well, regarding whether the platform is right for me; I must say that things do improve if your presence in a platform is extensive. However, I suggest that being present in many platform is important as it is the basis of diversifying your reach. I have tried other services as well. Yes.

Melissa Stone

12. Do you have any advice for other people who would like to start as a CamGirl?

Of course yes, I have one advice for other people who would like to start as Cam Girl. I can advise them that they must always strive to bring out their best. Secondly, they must work hard and ensure that they bring new experiences each and every stream; and they must always make sure that operate within professional bounds. I can also confidently tell them that web cam modeling jobs is just like any other work and it pays if all the rules of the game are followed. Being a Cam Girl is so nice.


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