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Fancy Feet

There are many fetishes that sex cam models will encounter as they start their careers. Of these fetishes, one of the most perplexing is the foot fetish. While women enjoy pampering at the salon, they are often confused by men who are turned on by pretty feet. The man that comes in and asks to see a wrinkly sole or arch seems harmless enough. The problem lies in this is just like showing off anything sexual. When a sex cam model gives into these men, they are allowing money taken from them. A man informing a sex cam model how he just got off in free chat is frustrating.

Feet guys understand that they can manipulate a new model

She will show them what they request, not realizing that is all the client was after. In her naive newness, there is the thought if she gives a little, she will get a lot. These men will often go out in the summertime to watch women in sandals.

Sex cam models must first understand a fetish to cater to it

A model , at can start with the shape of the overall foot. There is no type that all men like. Some men are into huge women’s feet; there are even ones who enjoy a man’s foot. Every aspect can create a sexual desire for people with this fetish. Sex cam models need to always be in control of their rooms when the freeloaders manipulate the girl; they cause significant issues.

Control of a man with a foot fetish starts with giving them a slight tease but not giving it all

They are like all clients to get them to pay you to have to make them work for it. There are a few things that a cam model can do. Some are obvious, but others are more subtle.

Start by wearing a variety of shoes and sock wear in your room. Bright socks are generally best because they catch the eye. Sex cam models tend to gravitate towards high heels, but foot fetishes attract all kinds of footwear, including bare feet. Women will spend significant money on getting a pedicure, but there is a large circle that drawn to well-kept feet without bright colors. It may seem hard to understand, but some men want to see bunions and calluses.

The thing with any fetish is to pick the subgenre then stick to a plan

New sex cam models make the mistake of trying to please everyone because they think that is what a cam model does. The top paid models learn to cater and build up a specific circle that wants to pay them well.
Foot fetish is a fun, playful proclivity you should be having a great time while teasing a man. Take the time to watch a few videos and read up some popular erotica stories. Every person is different, so always be flexible. Take your time with your clients. They will generally rush through a show.

The issue with a foot fetish is how little they need to obtain orgasms

Tease with small things understanding that the more you give, the less you will make. There will always be that one guy that pays you no matter what you do. The majority are not going to fall into that category. One of the nice things about a fetish such feet is how you can use it in free chat.
Mundane activities can be utilized to cater to and attract a feet clientele. If you usually give yourself a pedicure every week, do it online and let your room pick this week’s color. Another activity is lotioning up your feet and toes. There is even a large segment that is into dirty feet if you are a person that enjoys being barefoot, you can market that. If you don’t mind spending a bit of money, then look into the squashing foot fetish. YOu have to only step on things that are not alive, so leave the breathing creatures breathing. A day-old cake from the bakery is often a favorite with foot guys.

There are many fetishes out there; some are playful, while others are dark.

This sex cam room is your business, and the decision of who you attract to spend your day sex camming with is always the owners. If you are looking to expand into something that is a bit more a genre-related foot fetish is an option. How you choose to attract your clientele can be inexpensive or cost thousands of dollars, depending on what sub fetish you decide to incorporate. With anything new start, small men do not often understand the cost of what they are asking. Play with different aspects to see what you enjoy. If you try and force yourself into something annoying, you will resent the men.

Never feel trapped to agree to something personally revolting. There are plenty of men with different kinds of attractions. If you are not sure, to be honest, tell them as a sex cam model, you are free to explore. The reason why sex cam models often do not last is they try and present what they think people want. The internet is a massive collection of potential clients, just because one guy does not buy a show that does not dictate how the rest of your day will go.

The beautiful thing about foot fetish is how many different opportunities there are to market

You can do shoes, toes, nylons, socks, the size of your feet, food play, dirty feet, and many others. Once you start to attract this genre, the men will begin to teach you what they are wanting.
There is a group of men who will adore everything that a woman sees as a flaw in herself. Embrace the power you have over a mand with the simple flash of a sole or the tease of toes. Utilize that other women will not cater to him and make him pay to get what he wants from you. Not every fetish involves being naked.

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