Confessions of a Webcam Model

I licked my lips as I read the comments on my live webcam. Man, these people sure love what I do. I shook my booty in my thong, which exposed my butt cheeks.

I’m Maya by the way. I am 26, and I have and ideal figure of, and chaturbate. I love to give and get pleasure both. We all have a purpose in life, which we feel deep down, that we were meant to do this. Some people become artists, others musicians, actors and so on…

I on the other hand, decided to become a cam model. Yes, you are right. With my ideal body, which drove men crazy, I felt I had to put it to use somewhere. And I decided to give pleasure to men. Don’t get me wrong. I do not do this for money. Yes, money is always needed, but I picked this profession (sex cam) simply because I love sex and love sex camming. I have always loved it ever since I lost my virginity when I was fifteen. I discovered that I had a high sex drive.

Yes, a lot of people love sex, but apart from that, I also love pleasuring myself. I was just eleven when I made the discovery of masturbation. I used to call it “the feeling” and ever since that, it was about seven to eight sessions per day.

So, I decided to make a living this way. It is what keeps me happy. If you don’t love what you do, then what’s the use? I love a sex toy going in and out of me with my own free will, while thinking of others jacking off to it.

Anyways, moving on with my webcam session. I shake my ass for one of the men who requested it. I am still dressed in my provocative attire i.e. a red thong and a matching lacy bra. I know they must be dying to see my perfect tits exposed and my shaved pink pussy while I work at it. Someone tips me to see my tits and I unclasp my bra. My boobs bounce free and I lay on the bed and spread my legs. I start stroking my genital area. Of course, I’m still wearing my thong, but my moisture makes it look a shade darker now as it starts getting wet.

A man says, “pussy please” and sends love. I grin and remove my thong and my perfect pussy starts glistening in the light. I start rubbing it slowly while imagining the arousal of my onlookers. This, of course, arouses me as well. I insert a finger inside myself and start finger fucking myself. I take it out, tasting my love juices.

Having years of experience of pleasuring myself, one finger isn’t enough in sex cam. I insert another and start pumping my fingers in and out of myself while moaning loudly. I have background music on, so I am in sync with it. I use the motion, which we use to call someone over to us, with my fingers after forming a hook shape. I stroke myself like this and keep on doing it.

It feels really, really good. My fingers meet a balloon shape which has formed on the wall above. It swells more with my touch. I keep on doing the hand gesture and it swells in side until I shoot my first round of squirt for my viewers. I scream “Oh God!” while my juices are releasing.

Finally done, but not done quite yet. I haven’t pleasured myself enough yet. This is gonna take more than mere hands. I pull out my “toy box”. These are my most valuable possessions. I open the box and gaze at my treasures in anticipation, before finally deciding on an egg vibrator.

I take out the egg and plug it in. After turning it on, I put it to my clit and immediately, my skin starts becoming erect again. I move it on my clit and say “tell me you wanna see me put this inside during my sex cam session”

My adorers respond immediately with comments like “yes! put it inside that cunt” and “slut I wanna fill you with my cock”. I push it inside myself slowly as the vibrations spread through my entire love tunnel, making desire course through my entire body.

I moan the name of one of my viewers, thinking what a turn on it must be for him. I increase the vibrations until my body fidgeting with the egg inside. I rub my clit to stimulate myself more and end up cumming in like thirty seconds. I catch my breath after the orgasm. I am still not satisfied.

I pull out a black cock-shaped dildo. It has ring-like shapes bulging on all its sides. Desperately, I shove it deep inside myself and grab a but plug and likely, shove it up my ass. I turn on the vibrating dildo. It stretches the hell out of my pussy, its so thick. I start pumping my cunt and moan loudly, every time the thickness hits my cervix. I increase the level of vibrations until it almost feels like its moving and alive inside me.

Oh” moan after moan escapes my mouth, “Oh I love it, do you want your dick inside me like this?” I ask the men who are watching me in sex cam. Their responses flood my webcam immediately. They must have their dicks pulled out and were probably jacking off to me right now. I pull the dildo in and out of myself. It makes a POP POP POP POP sound when it collides and its vibrations mix with my juices.

I take it out of myself, wet and dripping while my pussy drools. I place it on the ground and start riding it at a fast pace. I am really close, I can feel it building up. My soft tunnel pulsates and contracte around the throbbing dildo as I move my hips in a rhythmic motion.

My tits bounce with every jerk as her hips slapped against the base of the dildo. I hit at my g-spot repeatedly, feeling the familiar swelling inside me so I keep going at it. Pressing at the same spot and grinding there for a few seconds followed by ramming it hard inside myself again.

Come for me” someone says.

The dildo hits the most sensitive spot inside me, and I spasm again, feeling it oozing out of myself, raining over the floor. My eyes roll to the back of my head as I move my hips in circles, grinding with the dildo, coaxing more and more squirt out of myself.

When my intense orgasm subsides, I grin at the camera sexily. Man, I sure love my job.

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