Best Toys

Best Toys

I’m Sarah, 23 years old, streaming at and .I’d like to share my experience about toys I’m using during my live sex shows.

Sexy toys are not what they used to be they have become way more interactive

I have several different kinds from different companies that you can control no matter where we are.

These started to come on the market a few years ago, and it took a while for sex cam site to integrate them.

Years ago, all we could do was please ourselves while we watched each other across the Internet.

The new interactive toys allow us to do so much more. They make versions for both men and women that the long-distance partner can control.

If you have not seen these stop by my room on and, I rarely see the man version, but you can control my toys in private.

Whether it is a slow pulse build or a high intensity make my toes curl, we will have a lot of fun with the interactive toys

The two largest manufacturers of these toys are Lovense and OhMiBod. The sex toys have some things similar, but they are different enough to play with ones from each.

A girl can never have too many toys, and I will take any excuse to have a few more.

These toys all work about the same I have my toy, and it has some form of antenna some are built-in others plug into a USB port on my computer.

They link up to software system that works between my toy and an app that you download onto your phone or tablet.

Some of the sex cam sites have the controlling software made into them, so you do not need the app ( ,,

Most of the toys let you control the speed and intensity of the sex toy. There are ones that you can create your own play “song” to, and I get to enjoy the selections you have made.

A number of these vibrators have lights on built into them that are fun when you darken the room the lights work in time to the vibration. Instead of the noisy old vibrators that used batteries, all of these are rechargeable.

I plug them in every night before I go to bed and they are ready to go in the morning.

Lovense is one of my favorite lines; they have an excellent selection of high-quality vibrators for outside and inside.


Their interface is easy to use as well as set up.

I have a variety of ways to set their toys up.I can let the other person have full control for a set time.

The timer feature is nice because neither of us has to watch the clock. Instead, we can enjoy the moment we are in.

Many of the sex cam sites allow me to set up games and fun time in free chat as well as private.

The colors on their toys are vibrant while that it is a small thing to most people it is something I enjoy.

Lovense has a line just for men they have prostate massagers the Edge, masturbators the Max, and vibrating butt plug the Hush.

I have enjoyed teasing a man a few times over the years that have their toys while we are in a private show together.

Their interface and their toys are designed for playtime Lovense worked hard to make sure everything does what it is supposed to do.

They have several adult toys that I have or want the Nora it is like the original Rabbit toy that we all drooled over when it came out, the Lush is an internal vibrator that hits all the right spots, and the Domi a wand toy only a lot cooler because it has lights.

Lovense decided instead of making an extensive line of halfway done products to concentrate on doing a few toys and making them just what we all want.

They have changed sex cam fun for the better for us girls and our online friends.

Stop by my room, and I will show you my current favorite do not be surprised if it changes over time.

OhMiBod is a bit different, but they have several similar products to Lovense.

OhMiBod came out with one of the first remote-controlled toys years ago.


The first line of their Panty vibes was remote-controlled you could not be too far away from them.

They were fun but had some faults, such as a battery that died quickly. Then came the Nex it is rechargeable lasts up to an hour. One charge and controlled by almost any smart device including the watches.

The Nex is excellent because of how it fits against my body; it hits my clit at the perfect spot for direct stimulation.

The Esca is similar to the Lush because they both are internal vibrators.Both use technology to allow control through the app. OhMiBod has a vibrator based off of the Rabbit; it is the Fuse, and they offer it in multiple colors.

I like both these companies they have a lot of things in common and some differences.

Lovense has embraced the sex cam girls, and they have worked to bring us the technology to help us both financially and enhance our enjoyment.

OhMiBod is a bit more couple based their line of toys is targeted towards strengthening intimate moments.

These companies took sex toys out of the bedroom and put them into real-world exposure.

I have used my toys at the movies, during dinner and out dancing.

My sex life through the use of toys, and my ease of orgasm has exploded. They are fun for the people that spend time with me on and me.

Now stop into my room tell me your favorite if you have played with them before.

If you have not, I will enjoy expanding your world into the erotic world of mine you can take control of our private time.

We no longer have to be many miles apart with the use of app-controlled toys we are finger touch away.

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